My Church

We are taught this word “MY” from an early age as we learn the difference between what we think is “mine” and what really “is mine.” We take ownership of something when we personally invest in that very thing we call mine. For example, this is “my vehicle” because I have invested my resources into it. If investment is the standard we use to determine something that is ours, what does that look like as we use the phrase, ‘this is my church.” Today we are going to celebrate and encourage you to invest in key areas that truly bring value to your life and the life of this amazing church.

How do I invest in MY church?

Attend your church

Serve your church

Grow in a small group

Give to the vision

Invite someone

Characteristics of a Growing Church: (Acts 2) They were all together No one went without Numbers were added daily

Jesus makes our life better because he gives us strength for today and hope for tomorrow.

He knew several things about her: (Cues) He knew that her life was falling apart He knew her future was hopeless He knew she had no one to love her Who has God placed in your life to engage the same cues?

Jesus’ invitation to her did two things:

  1. The invitational life extends grace in such a way that it break down any barriers
  2. The invitational life offers and experience with Jesus not an explanation of Jesus

My church is an invitational church because my life is an invitational life.

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