Power Up Kids Camp

Children will enjoy fun games, great music, delicious snacks, Bible stories, cool prizes, silly characters and much more as they adventure together with their friends at this FREE Kids Camp.

Dates: June 23-27 (Sunday - Thursday) from 6:00-8:00pm.

Ages: Kindergarten - Grade 6 (as of September 2019)

We provide busing for certain areas.

Current Bus Stops:

  • Virginia Park

  • Montague Street

  • Brophy Place

  • Livingstone Street

  • Chalker Place

  • Buckmasters Circle

If you have questions about our bus stops please contact us.

In the event of a cancellation, notice will be made here on this site as well as our Facebook Page.


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Conveniently Register Online Today:

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Child's Name
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Child's Birthdate
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Mailing Address
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If your child isn't riding a bus to or from our program, please indicate who will be permitted to pick up your child form our program, and their relationship to your child.
For your child's safety, please indicate if there is someone who is especially restricted from picking up your child.
Media Release *
I grant Bethesda, it’s representatives, and employees the right to take photographs, video and/or electronic images of any member of my family in the Power Up Kids Camp environment. I authorize Bethesda Pentecostal Church to copyright, use and publish the photographs, video and/or electronic images in print or electronically - with or without our names – for any lawful purpose to highlight and promote Power Up Kids Camp environment. My checking the box to the left of this text indicates that I have read and understand the above statement of release.
Waiver & Medical Release *
I grant permission for my child, noted on this form, to attend Power Up Kids Camp at Bethesda Pentecostal Church during scheduled events on June 23rd, 24th, 25th, 26th & 27th 2019. I also grant permission for my child to use to the free bussing for the purpose of attending a this program. I understand that all reasonable attempts are made to ensure the safety of each child that attends and/or travels to and from the event. I acknowledge that children are expected to either arrive at the program via the provided bussing or signed in and out by a designated adult. I acknowledge that the the safety of my child is a top priority at Power Up Kids Camp. I am aware that Power Up Kids Camp has a zero violence policy, which means that all children are expected to respect one-another in ensuring a safe atmosphere for all participants. If an act of aggression is directed from my child, or to my child, I will be contacted via a phone number I’ve provided. I will discuss this with my child, and realize that a child who is aggressive against another may be asked to remain at home for the following two consecutive Power Up Kids Camp events. I understand that all volunteers adhere to a Plan to Protect policy. I, the legal parent/guardian, grant my permission for the above child to receive medical care if deemed necessary while attendingPower Up Kids Camp of Bethesda Pentecostal Church. I agree not to hold Bethesda Pentecostal Church or any of its agents liable for any injury or loss that results from either travelling on the bus, attending this program or any of its related events.