Bethesda has approximately 30 active Small Groups that meet in a variety of locations. These gatherings provide an opportunity for genuine community to be experienced as we engage one another, grow together in discipleship, and impact our city in ways we couldn’t do alone. The topic of study and time of each group’s meeting will vary. We invite you to get connected today.
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Small Group in a Box Launch – Sunday, September 9th

This fall, we are launching Small Group in a Box, a discipleship initiative in connection with our fall campaign, Made for More.  We are looking for people to host a small group.  To host, you just need to Have a heart for people, Open your home to a group of friends, Serve a snack, and Turn on the DVD.  Inside the box will be everything you need, such as a study guide (Click for Sample), book, DVD, discussion cards, plus other resources to help you host with confidence.  We are encouraging current small groups, as well as new groups, to use the resource, What on Earth Am I Here For?, which has 6 sessions on the biblical purposes for the Church.  Interested?  Come visit the Small Group Table in the foyer after the service and chat with Ralph Cann, our Small Group Director, or a member of the Small Group Lead Team.  You can also email Ralph at or our Connections Pastor, Rob at, or simply fill out the Small Group Interest form below and indicate that you are interested in hosting a group in the message box at the bottom of the form and we will follow up with you as soon as we can.  We are excited for this fall as we discover the truth that we are Made for More!

Check out the video below to hear David Yetmen’s Small Group story.  If he can do it, you can too! You are Made for More!

Small Group in a Box – Role Cards Explanation

Included the box, are Role Cards.  These help ensure that everyone in the group participates, and can be rotated from week to week.  The roles are:

  • Facilitator: This person leads the discussion time.

  • Question Reader: This person reads the questions from the Study Guide following the DVD video.

  • Contributor: There are 5 of these. This is to ensure that no one is left out and everyone participates.

  • Prayer Person: This person will lead the group during prayer time.

  • Encourager: There are 2 of these.  These people encourages individuals or the group as a whole. For ex: comments during a discussion in a way that could encourage people.

  • Connector: This person can coordinate connections with group members outside group meetings.

  • Time Keeper: This person helps group keep to their set time schedule.

  • Snack Server: This person helps with the snack time. They can also be responsible with organizing who is bringing snacks from week to week.