An Unlikely Blessing

Observations from a dry brook:

1. The God who Supplies can also take it away

When God blesses it often means he is doing it as part of a bigger plan

Observations from a dry brook:

2. The dry brook was a direct result of an answered prayer.


Dried up brooks in no way cancel out God’s Providencial Plan rather they align up with God’s purposes

More often than not lessons in life helps us to align with God’s plan for us down the road.

4 aligning principles from dry brooks:

  1. They teach us that there is a bigger picture
  2. They teach us to trust God blindly
  3. They teach us the art of hiding away with God
  4. They are often God’s validation on our life not neglect

What God is doing in the hide away moments is preparing you for the next part of your journey. If we miss them, if we resist them, we spend much of our time resisting, fighting, misunderstanding God’s divine plan. Cherith was a place of alignment, an unlikely blessing for Elijah and so it is for us.

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